Small japanese house design Part 6

This is an interesting case where the owner has a large piece of land but due to conservation, has only a small area (581 sq ft) from which to build his home. To complement the natural surrounding, this small japanese house design not only has to overcome the challenge of the small space but to incorporate the nature theme into the house as well.

Oogigaya small house design

Oogigaya small house design

The name of the project is called Oogigaya and is stationed in Kamakura. The designer agency is Milligram Studio which we have earlier featured. As mentioned above, the house is situated within a natural setting. To complement this, the designer adopted a playful setting within the interior of the house. This can be seen even from the exterior of the home with its distinct dynamic and geometric design.

Oogigaya first storey

Oogigaya first floor design

On the first floor, the kitchen and the living room is facing a wide glass panel that not only lets in lots of light but allows the house to be in harmony with the exterior environment. On this floor, you can descend a few steps to go to the music room or ascend to the second floor. Such playfulness in terms of house design is very obvious from every aspect of the home.

Oogigaya second storey

Oogigaya second floor design

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Oogigaya second floor โ€“ another view

On the second floor, the playful spirit of the house is even more obvious. On reaching this floor, you have 3 options to explore the house. If you on the same level, the bathroom can be reached. Alternatively, one can ascend a few steps, across the bridge to reach the storage area. Finally, one can also descend a few steps to reach the bedroom. This design seeming encourage exploration and offers alternate routes to satisfy the curious.

Main takeovers:

  • A central theme such as playfulness can be manifest clearly in the way the entire house is design
  • Using steps, bridges and different routes offers a different sense of openness

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