Small japanese house design Part 5

Have you heard of the Penguin house? That is what this fifth installation of our small japanese house design series will cover.  It has derived its name due to the exterior of this small house, which has a curved back that is similar to how a penguin will look. In terms of space, the penguin home only has a 332 sq ft coverage with a floor area of 899 sq ft.

penguin japanese house design

The challenge for this home was the limited floor space that was once a 2 car driveway and an extreme modest budget. What the designer did was to use a solid building material that is strong when flexed but is within the owners’s budget. To conserve on resource usage, there was no punching of holes for windows. Instead, glass was used in the corners of the building to provide lots of natural light.

penguin home workshop design

Penguin home workshop design

There are three floors in this building. The ground floor has been designed to be a workshop. Most of the heavy music equipment is placed here to avoid adding pleasure on the structure.

penguin home bedroom design

Penguin home workshop design

On the second floor is the bedroom. Lights are coming from the corners of the room, giving it just enough brightness but not too over powering for a bedroom. It is also extremely private as the only linkage to the exterior is the frosted glass panels at the corner.

At the final floor is where there are lots of lights. This is where the living room and kitchen is housed. Unfortuately, I couldn’t find any images that can show you what it looks like but you can get a glimpse by reading the book ” The very small home” by azby brown and kengo kuma.

Main takeovers:

  • Discuss building materials with your designer to explore different possibilities
  • If new windows are not possible, see how to replace existing openings with glass to allow more light into the house

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