Small japanese house design Part 2

Continuing from our series on small japanese house design, this article will cover the fold house designed by cell space architecture in Japan.  As will be seen later, there are so many design details that have been used in this small house design that it is impossible to appreciate it all!

fold house in japan

fold house in Japan

The first thing that catch my eye is the exterior design. The many ‘folds’ present in the house is how this design got its name as the fold house. While unique, this kind of fold design represents a challenge in terms of interior design as there are space is not uniform inside.

fold house design

fold house in Japan

The upper roof of the fold house is used a open space whereby the couple can relax and have a drink. The mixture of interior and exterior in one space is a unique take on how to use such a space.

fold house kitchen design

fold house kitchen design

At one level hosts the kitchen. A simple kitchen top at one end and plenty of natural light at the other. The minimalist use of furniture and the additional of natural light makes the narrow space looks more spacious than it really is.

fold house living design

fold house kitchen design

At another level holds the living room and the bedroom. The designer has smartly use a raised platform to create a separate space for the bedroom area. Outside the bedroom lies a modern sofa that is simple but eye grabbing. Similar to the kitchen area, there is lots of natural light coming through to open up the space.

Main takeovers:

  • For very narrow spaces, the use of natural light is important
  • Use minimalist furniture to avoid over cluttering the limited space

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