Small glass house design

For an inspired small glass house design, this piece of architectural work will surely satisfied your need. Located in Waterstudio.NL, this small house design uses lots of glass material to dispel any cramped feeling that a visit might have.

Overseeing the lake, this small glass house has a great view that the glass walls did very well to showcase. Goes to show that when it comes to design, you need to tailor it to the strength of your house. In this case, it is to amplify the beautiful surroundings while downplaying the small floor area.

small glass house design

When it comes to the interior design of this small glass house, it uses a mimimalist design to complement the exterior look. Looking through the kitchen, we can see hardly any other furniture being used. Goes to show that you don’t need a lot of furniture to design a house.

small glass boat house design

Main takeovers:

  • Use a design that maximises the hosue’s strength and minimises its weakness
  • Glass walls are great to make a small house look more specious
  • Use minimal furniture

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