Small container house design

A recent trend is small house is the use of container as houses. Unfortunately, most the container homes are lacking in their design. In this article, we will take  a look at a very cool small container house. It uses a retro looking exterior but a very cosy interior. Let’s see what we can learn from this small container house design.
Modern small container house design

Designed by Jure Kotnik Arhitekt

This two container home is the work of Jure Kotnik. It uses a novel approach of stacking one container on top of another. The houses are made by conhouse, a manufacturing company based in Europe.
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A interesting feature is using the ceiling of the bottom level of container home as the terrace of the second container home. It is a very nice tip to make full use of the containers. See the above image to see how the idea is being executed.

Modern container house interior

Modern container home
The interior of the small container house uses wood as the primary material. The mixture of light and dark colored wood creates a nice texture for the interior. Shown in the picture above to see how the stairs make a very good center piece of the home.

How much does this small container house cost?

If you like to consider using this concept, the cost of doing this is around 15,000 euros. It is fairly affordable and can be purchased by anyone who wants unique and low cost container homes.

Main takeaways:

  • Container homes are come in unique shapes
  • The exterior can be created with very interesting design concepts
  • The cost of doing a container home need not be expensive

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