Nano house design that are simply incredible Part 4

In this 4th article in the nano house design series, we will be profiling a talent architecture named Stephen Atkinson. In particular, we are covering a project called williams cabin he did in 2005 in Colorado. The floor area of this vacation cabin is around 291 sq ft so it is not big by any means. However, the beautiful job did by Stephen made us forget about how small the house really is.

stephen atkinson nana house design

Stephen Atkinson nano house design

Stephen Atkinson house plan

Stephen Atkinson house plan

The Williams cabin was designed from the outset not be a log cabin, as wanted by the client. Instead, it is a design that is characterized by sustainability in materials usage as well as being fire resistant. The latter is a real concern due to the threat of bush fires. Hence, the whole cabin was finished with plaster stucco, metallic roof and metal fire shutters.

Stephen Atkinson bedroom design

Stephen Atkinson bedroom design

If you looked at the floor plan above, you will know that the bedroom area is the core center of the room. There are only 2 other spaces which are meant for shower and toilet. In this main space, the design is kept simply with just a bed and a wooden plank. At the back of the room, 8 mid level windows were created to allow more natural light into the room. These windows also add to the spacious of the room by connecting the exterior with the interior.
Stephen Atkinson bathroom design
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Stephen Atkinson bathroom design

At the right of the room if you enter from the front door is the small bathroom area. Again, a simple but practical design is featured here with wooden wall mounted shelves and a bath tub. The structure is carefully created to allow some privacy without totally enclosing the shower area to avoid the feeling of trapped.

Main takeovers:

  • The use of materials can affect how modern a house look. Metallic materials tend to give the house a sense of aloofness
  • In small house, keep thing simple to avoid cluttering
  • Minimize the space where usage is not as common i.e. toilet and shower
  • Use clever structure to prevent totally enclosing a small space

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