Nano house design that are simply incredible Part 3

In this third installation on the nano house design, we are looking at a projected called One+ Mini House. (Here is the link for  nano house design part one and nano house design part two). This project is to create a new type of modular building that has high quality finishing and yet maintain a low footprint on the environment. Using a mere 161 sq ft of space, the add-a-room team did a fantastic job to design a beautiful living space that anybody can learn from.

one+ minihouse nano house design

One+ Mini House nano house design

One+ Mini House double module design

One+ Mini House double module design

The One+ Mini House has been conceived to function as both a standalone housing unit as well as part of a module that clients can link to create different home sizes (see second image above). Material wise, One+ Mini House uses a new type of material known as Superwood which is actually spruce that has been treated to have a stronger skin. Glazed glass has been added to add a modern touch as well as to allow more natural light into the home.

One+ Mini House living room design

One+ Mini House living room design

Within the interior, there is no explicit room dividers to separate the difference spaces. Instead, all the spaces has been merged into a single open area. Furniture such as the bed and the kitchen furniture hints at how each ara of the living space should be used. Inside the bathroom, a simple curtain curves out the necessary privacy space.

One+ Mini House bathroom design

If you are feeling a bit naughty, there is an outside shower fixture that allow you to take a shower outside the home. If you are living in the woods, this concept is entirely possible although do check your surroundings before taking a shower.

Main takeovers:

  • Modular homes are getting the high quality treatment so it might be something you can consider
  • Using furniture to mark out the different functions of a common space helps to create a more spacious feel
  • Take advantage of the space outside your home if possible

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