Modern small house design

Modern small japanese houses are common due to the scarity of liveable land in the country. This is why we get to see so many interesting and innovative architectural designs coming out of the land of the rising sun. In this article, we are looking at a small apartment until at Crystal Brick II, Glass Block Series No.4. It is easy to spot as it is the house which utilize glass block structure.

modern small house design

Here are some interesting facts about how the house is designed:

  • Flat Bar(Steel)19x65mm to take vertical load
  • Glass Blcok to take horizontal load
  • ALC to take horizontal load

The above three material holding the building with a well load balanced. Since Glass Block and ALC have same compressive strengh, they can be switched freely. The permeability of the wall is unlimited and it surpass that from the [Freedom of Facade] Le Corbusier.

In addition, The mini house theme is designed with good eco thinking behind. It uses [FainexHI] developed by Nihon Denki Glass Company to improve heat insulation and sound proofing so that less heating or cooling is required to maintain the temperature of the house.

Below are some additional details about this modern small house design.

Built 2011/02
Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Residential dwelling
Land: 143.84㎡(43.51坪)
Buiding Area: 74.48㎡(22.53坪)
Total Floor Space: 156.31㎡(47.28坪)


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