Modern small garage house design

Living in Garage House might not be as boring as you think. With some cutting edge design, garage houses can be made into beautiful small houses as well.

The site is located in a quiet exclusive residential area of a 10-minute walk from the station Kugenuma Enoden.

The building volume and shape is created according to the trapezoidal site. It can also act as a shelter from rain over the driveway space from 2nd floor.

Modern small garage design

According to the lifestyle of the client, the garage and the living space has been revamped as well. Within the garage, a bar has been set up for the owner to enjoy drinking with his friends. Even the kitchen has outfitted with professional equipment and commercial kitchen.

modern small garage design

On the second is the residence of his parents. There is warmth in the finish of the concrete and wood, and is friendly to the ease of living space.
Tenement building use:
Building Area: 84.62㎡
Floor Area:135.43㎡
Scale structure of RC wall-type
Two story building


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