How to store books in a small house – 6 creative ideas

There are plenty of good articles online to tell you about how to store books but there are hardly any tips for small houses. Storage is never a big problem if you have sufficient space. The challenge comes when you are living in a small apartment or house. That is where creativity comes in and I will show you 10 different creative storage solutions for a small house, particular on the topic of storing books. Some of the ideas are already covered in my article on 50 storage ideas for small house but I am putting eveything here for easy reference.

#1: Ceiling bookshelf

how to store books in small house 1
Using vertical space is the best way to create more space in a small space or house. This especially useful for storing books as they are infrequently used items that can be put away for a long time without the need to take them out. Putting them on the ceiling also avoid creating a sense of clutter within your home.

#2: Create a loft library

how to store books in small house 2
Another way to make use of vertical space is to create a small loft library if your small house has a high enough ceiling. This will create plenty of book storage for your house, no matter how small is it.

#3: Invisible bookshelf

how to store books in small house 3
A cool way to store your book is to use floating bookshelf that is mounted on your wall. Relative to normal wall mounted bookcase, these floating shelves will create an appearance of being invisible, thus creating a more interesting wall feature for your small apartment. If you are interested to buy one, here is a useful article on where to buy invisible bookshelf.

#4: Sofa bookcase

dual function book shelf
I have covered this idea before but it is worth mentioning again. Buying a dual furniture with book storage can save you money and space. I particular loved this sofa bookshelf as it makes reading a lot more easier as I can take any book from where I am sitting down. Perfect for a lazy Sunday reading.

#5: Use wall partitions as book storage

how to store books in small house 5
If your small house design uses wall partitions, you can leverage the space and create some shelving to store your books. This is the dual function concept again that is so relevant to maximize the use of floor space.

#6: Understairs bookshelves

how to store books in small house 6
For those who have a small loft, you can use the storage under the stairways as bookshelves, like how it is done in the image above.


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