How to divide one room into two rooms

In my previous article on 10 great room designs for small house, one of the decorating ideas I highlighted was the combo approach. Specifically, in small space, it makes sense to combine different living spaces into one room so as to maximize the usage of the space. This approach makes a lot of sense to me because most of our living spaces are not being used 100% of the time. Rather than each occupying a space, why not let the different functions share a same space? In this article, I will mention 5 specific design ideas that you can use to make two rooms from one or to separate one room into two rooms.

Idea #1: use movable room dividers

Use a simple room divider to hide certain items during specific time period. For example, you can hide the bed during daytime so as to convert the same space into a home office or a living room. In the example below, an elegant and modern room divider is used to separate a common space into the kitchen and dining room. The translucent nature of the room dividers allows natural light to shine through the whole space as well as prevent the room from feeling cramped.
modern room divider

Movable room dividers

Here is another variation of how to use a half room divider to make 2 rooms from one. In this case, the room divider is used to create both a bedroom and a living room.
How to make 2 rooms from one

Half room divider to separate bedroom and living room

How to create 2 rooms from one

Half room divider to separate bedroom and living room

Idea #2: use sliding walls

This above idea is taken into extreme by yuko shibata who created sliding walls instead of room dividers. In his concept the whole wall is made to move such the home owner can decide how much space for each room, depending on his preference.

In the first image, the sliding wall is pulled to the extreme left such that the entire space becomes a dining room. In the second image the wall has shifted to the middle so that one half becomes a study room while the other half is a smaller dining room.

Movable room dividers

Sliding walls

Movable room divider

Sliding walls

Idea #3: use fold down furniture

In my article on fold down furniture, you can see how this can be used to create two rooms from one. Here are more ideas on how to use fold down furniture to combine living spaces. One easy way is to use a fold down table to combine kitchen and dining room into one space. In the image below, you can see how a small kitchen can be transformed into a dining room using just the fold down table.
fold down dining table

Using a fold down dining table to create two rooms from one

Idea #4: placing toilet sink in bedroom

When the space is small, the bathroom has limited floor space. Why not place a toilet in the bedroom to let the same space be used for 2 purposes. One can get ready in the bathroom while the other gets ready in the bedroom.
toilet sink in bedroom

Placing toilet sink in bedroom

Idea #5: use a floating bed

Most of us don’t touch our bed until it is night time. Using up floor space to place a bed can be considered a waste if we view from this angle. One way is to place a floating bed that uses the wall and ceiling space. That will be free up the floor space to create another room. In the example below, the floor space has been used to create a home office while the bed is floating near the wall.
Home office bedroom combo

Use a floating bed


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