Compact house designs that make you go wow – Part 2

Continuing with our series of looking at innovation compact house designs, this 2nd parter will showcase the work of L41.  The design house L41, which can be read as “all for one”, a well acclaimed interior design agency that wants to make use of its design as solution to the global housing problem. As a housing solution, L41′s designs is affordable and can be massed produced while maintaining the high quality and design. These houses can also be easily putted together after being shipping as individual pieces.

L41 – a humble and modern compact house

L41 - compact house designs

L41 single story compact house design

This design represents the single storey compact house that L41 has designed. The total floor space is 248 sq ft and is suited for a small family, it has a modern exterior and a spacious interior through the use of clever design solutions.

L41-compact house design

L41 single story living room design

The innovation here is to simple layout design that house all the different functions of a house into a common space. The use of glazed window allows more natural light the home and makes it feel more spacious. One can feel even the warmth of the sunlight shining through the glass when one sits at the couch. Notice the smart use of a corner space as a working area? That represents how smart use of limited space opens a new world of possibilities.

L41 kitchen design

L41 single story kitchen design

The L41 kitchen design a simple and functional U shaped kitchen. The same principle of allowing more natural light into the room shines through here as well if your noticed the back door and the glazed window.

Main takeaways:

  • Create common spaces to perform different functions
  • Explore unused spaces to create additional functionality such as the use of corner space as a working desk
  • Allow plenty of natural light into the home through the use of glazed windows and doors

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