Building stairways for small spaces

For small houses, space saving stairs are the only way to save valuable floor space. In this article, we will highlight some tips and guidelines that you can used to build stairways for small spaces.

Type of space saving stairways designs

If you need to build stairs, these designs are the most suitable:

  • Spiral stairs for small spaces: Spiral stairs come in full spiral and half spiral designs. The latter saves more space but can’t reach high floors. The traditional spiral stairways are typically made of cast iron and are very heavy. You need to ensure that the floor structure is strong enough to support the cast iron. The contemporary designs are made of more modern materials such as marble and glass.

spiral stairways for small spaces

  • Open stairs: These stairways are cantilevered from the walls and provides a minimal instruption to the flow of the space. These steps are sometimes known as paddle steps of monks. While space saving, they are only suited for the sure footed and definitely not for the old and elderly.

stairs for small spaces

  • Loft ladders: Loft stairs are often another solution for small spaces. They are small stairways that can be used to reach the loft area of your home. As can be seen from the image below, loft ladders take only a tiny small. Perfect for small houses!

loft stairs

Storage under the stairways

As highlighted in the article, 50 storage ideas for small houses, using the space underneath the stairways or in the steps itself is a good way to create more storage space for your home. Below are more storage ideas for you to consider.

  • Use chrome wire shelving to create racks that can house many items. This is the most easy and cost effective ways to use your understairs as storage space

shelving under stairs

  • Pull out cupboards can be another way to exploit the space underneath the stairways. This solution is great when you don’t want visitors to view your storage space.

cupboard under stairs

  • Another practical solution for your understairs is to use it as a wine rack. This is an ideal space as it doesn’t take much space and is out of view of most people.

wine racks under stairs

  • If the space is big enough, then you can also consider creating a small work area under stairways. Using a wall mounted desk and some wall mounted shelves is all you need to create work area.

office space under stairs


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