An elegant and modern small house in Japan

Modern small japanese seems to be a growing trend as I run across lots of examples in my travels. In this magazine, we have already featured a number of small japanese houses that have excellent designs. In this article, we will take a look at a wooden small house which has a different favor when compared to the houses that we have featured so far. If you are looking for small house designs that adopt a minimalist approach, this design will be a great reference.

Wooden small japanese house

Below is how the living room look like. The emphasis is more wide open spaces. Living room and kitchen has been combined to create an uncluttered space. Sky windows are created to allow more natural light into the room which complements the open space. Overall, this reduces any feeling of being in a small house.

Wooden small japanese living room
Wooden modern japanese living room

However, the most clever piece of design is the use of the wall to partition a small private that can be used for work. Not only does this design avoid building additional barriers, it also manages to create personal spaces that will not clutter the room. This is a simply brilliant concept that you should take note of if you want to create private spaces within your small house.

Screen shot 2012-04-20 at PM 09.49.46

Finally the owner of the house used a number of wall mounted furniture that are both space saving and stylish. In this case, the wall mounted TV and kitchen shelves help to reduce any usage of precious space. Also noted how the sofa has been placed right at the wall to again reduce space usage. This is an important thing to note for all small house owners when they are buying furniture.

wall mounted tv

In summary, the main takeaway for this wooden small house design is:

  • Combine spaces to create a bigger space
  • Allow more natural light into the home through the use of sky windows
  • Use natural partitions such as the wall to create private space
  • Make use of the wall by buying wall mounted furniture

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