5 space saving ideas for small bedrooms

Have a small bedroom and worry about the lack of space or storage? No worries as I will be giving you 5 great space saving ideas for your small bedrooms. Specifically, we will be looking at concepts such as multifunctional bedroom furniture, using wall and ceiling space as well as conceptualizing how a bedroom can be used.

Idea #1: Combine bedroom and living room into one

loft beds for small space
For really small apartments which have only one room, the space can be separated into the bedroom and the living room by using the empty ceiling space. This solution is better than dividing the small space into 2 to avoid making it looking more cramp than it already is. (From IKEA)

Idea #2:Use compact beds that can be hidden

compact beds for small bedrooms
Another space saving idea is to use a compact bed that can be hidden away. The image above shows one way of how this can be done. (From Espace Loggia). Another variation of this ideas is the fold down bed, which typically can be hidden at the wall when not in use.

Idea #3: Use plenty of storage for small bedrooms

storage for small bedrooms
Create as much storage space as you can from unused areas such as under the bed, the ceiling and behind the head rest. The image above shows you how to best utilized these unused space to maximize your storage capacity.

Idea #4: Use loft bed for small spaces

space saving ideas for small bedrooms for 2
If you have more than 1 person living in the same bedroom, loft beds are excellent to free up floor space so that both of you can be together and yet have your own private space (as shown in the image above). The floor space can then be used either as a home office (as shown in the picture above) or to store clothes.

Idea #5: Multifunctional furniture for small bedrooms

multifunctional furniture for small bedrooms
multifunctional furniture for small bedrooms 2
This great piece of multifunctional furniture can transform a small bedroom into a living room. The trick is to hide the smaller pieces of furniture into the bigger pieces when not in used (such as when the bed is transformed into a sofa). This clever use of storage and design makes it very suitable for any small bedrooms. (From Matroshka)


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