5 Sofa ideas for small living rooms

With we have a small house, our sofa choices are limited by the space constraint. When I was designing for my clients, I faced this issue over and over again. I thought a post on how to select sofas for small spaces will help people who are currently thinking about buying one. So, here are 5 ideas that you can consider when thinking about buying a sofa that suits a small house.

Idea #1: Choose a multifunctional sofa

A sofa that can transformed to other furniture such as a bed is the best for a small floor area. This not only helps to save space by having the same item performing different functions, it also helps to save money. Below is an extreme example of how a sofa by Campeggi can transformed into a bed as well as a screen for changing clothes.
sofa ideas for small living room

Sofa ideas for small living rooms

sofa idea for small living room

Sofa transformed into bed

sofa for small living room

Sofa transformed into screen for changing clothes

Idea #2: extendable sofa

There is a brand called Flexible Love that has a innovative sofa. This cupboard sofa can be shaped according to how you wanted it to be. It is hard to explain it but you can imagine it to be like a clay that can be shaped into different types of useful furniture. It can of course act as a sofa. Best of all, it can be extendable as and when you need it. Perfect for a small space.
extendable sofa

Idea #3: built in sofa around wall

Another simple idea is to build a seating area around the curve of the wall. This is especially good for houses that have usual shapes which are not fully utilized. The built in sofa will cost more but it can help to make full use of your small space.
built in sofa

Idea #4: modular sofa

The ease of configuration for modular sofa suits a small space. You can take it apart and place it in different spaces when there are no visitors. When friends pop over, simply combine the sofa again to complete the living room.
modular sofa

Idea #5: wall sofa

Finally my favourite concept for a small, fold down furniture. They are simply the best option in terms of saving floor space. It also blends well into the multifunctional room concept as a fold down sofa can be hidden to transform the living room into other functions.
wall sofa


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