5 desk and bookcase combo ideas

Combo furniture units are something that small or nano houses really should have. They help save lots of space and also your decorating budget. Currently, there are many different kinds of furniture combo units. In this article, we will cover desk and bookcase combo ideas. In the future, we should be able to cover other kinds of combo furniture such as sofa and bed combo or desk and TV stand combo.

#1: Normal desk and bookcase combination

desk and bookshelf combo 1
This combo is the most basic design you can find in the marketplace today. They are functional but their weakness is in taking up lots of space on the floor. If you liked such a design, try to find one that has the bookshelf portion being mounted on the wall so that more space is being free up.

#2: Cool desk and bookshelf combo

desk and bookshelf combo 2-1
This design takes up very little space as the bookshelf is being mounted along the wall that is directly above the chair. The overall design is slim and is very suited for a small house.

#3: DIY desk and bookcase combo

desk and bookshelf combo 3
This idea can be for those who want to do some DIY. It is very easy to put together. Just take some floating shelves and nailed them to the empty wall above the desk. As long as the colors and style matched, the effect of this will be as good as commercially made ones.

#4: Wall mounted desk and bookshelf combo

desk and bookshelf combo 4
Having everything wall mounted is a surefire way of saving more space. This EVO Cherry Finish Desk has almost everything you need for a working desk, include a place for the printer.

#5: Foldable desk and bookshelf combo

desk and bookshelf combo 5
I love this design from this fold out desk and bookcase combo from Blair.com. When not in used, it can be folded neatly and store against the wall. This will give a more minimalist look to your room.

#6: Use corner space

desk and bookshelf combo 6
I liked this idea for its use of the corner space. Notice the placement of the desk and chair is quite different from how the normal desk and bookshelf combo. The desk is mounted right against the corner wall, with the bookshelf towering above it to save space.


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