10 great room designs for a small house

In this article, I will be looking at 10 great room designs for a small house. This is to prove that small doesn’t mean you can’t create a great modern design around it. As long as we understand how we use our space and then design the house and furniture accordingly, a small house can still be a very lovely place to live in.

Modern room designs for small house

Modern room designs has a number of key commonalities. They tend to use monotone colors and metallic surfaces. Second, the lines on the furniture are clean and sleek. Third, different living spaces are combined into a multifunctional living space i.e. living room acting as both kitchen and bedroom. These ideas can be seen from the examples below:
small house modern room designs

Living room kitchen combo decorating ideas

living room kitchen for small house

Modern living room kitchen design for small house

Living room bedroom combo decorating ideas

This is an outstanding innovation on how a room can be used. The bedroom is hidden during daytime to create a free flowing space for the living room. Come night time, the cupboard is transformed into a bedroom. Practical and stylish!
living room bedroom design ideas

Living room bedroom combo design (before)

living room bedroom design idea

Living room bedroom combo design (before)

Small summer house by Tommie Wilhelmsen

This small summer house is the work of Tommie Wilhelmsen, a great house designer that completed many wonderful project like this. For this small house, he used lots of inexpensive materials but managed to create a 3D feel with the way the exterior is designed.
small house great room designs

Small summer house by Tommie Wilhelmsen

On the inside, the architecture used a modern and minimalist look. The clever design lies in how he fitted furniture and storage into almost every part of the room to save space. The bedroom, for example, is built at the upper corner to make use of an otherwise unused space. The shelves are also wall mounted to take advantage of all the wall space available.
small house great room design

Interior of small summer house by Tommie Wilhelmsen

Small loft house great room design

Small loft houses are getting popular, especially the younger folks. Be definition, most loft house are limited in their sizes. This particular make full use of the natural lights to make the small house seems bigger and warmer. The use of white and wood blends naturally with summer look. Overall, a very coherent piece of small house interior design. Well done!
small loft house great room ideas

Small loft great room design

Great room design for a small apartment

This has to be one of the smallest house that I have seen. In fact, this is one of the smallest apartment in Japan. Despite this fact, the room has been designed to maximise what little space it has. Storage is hang high on the walls and the bed serve as both sitting and sleeping. The use of light color tones also makes the small space much bigger than it is.
Smalllest house greal room designs

Small Japanese apartment room design

Bunk bed room design for small house

Another way for small houses to save space in their home design is to use a bunk bed design. Using the ‘empty’ floating air frees up the floor space to be used as the living room or just a sitting area. The pictures below will give you ideas on what I mean:
Bunk bed designs for small house

Bunk bed design for small house

Bunk bed designs for small house

Bunk bed design for small house

bund bed design for girls room

Bunk bed design for girls bedroom

double deck bedroom design

Bunk bed design for kids room

Great room design for high ceilings

For small houses with high ceiling, the following is a great example of how to ‘tier’ your design upwards. Each floor represents a distinct living space. It is elegantly done and takes up very little space. From the pictures below, the small house looks big but it actually has a limited floor space.

great room design for high ceiling

Room design for high ceiling small houses

great room design for mini houses

Great room design for mini house

Multi functional great room design

A very popular concept now is the multi functional room design. This mean combining living spaces such as living room and bedroom that used to be distinct spaces. This is a powerful concept that removes the constraint of how a room can be arranged. It also makes a lot of sense of most living spaces are underutilised. Your bedroom, for example, is used mostly at night and is left empty during the day. Isn’t that a waste?

The following example combines a working space with the living room by placing the TV above the working desk. It is a unique idea and might work for some. Others might find the noise from the TV a distraction for working.
Home office and living room

Multi functional room: combining working desk with living room

Great room designs for study or kids room

With a small house, your kids might need to cramp into a small room. In such cases, there are still ways to make the room livable by using wall mounted furniture that can be kept when not in use. One such example is the wall mounted bed, which can be folded up. Such fold down furniture are great for small spaces.
Great kids room designs for small house

Great designs for small kids room

Use wall partitions for small rooms

One very useful idea is to use wall partitions to divide the small space into different living areas. Most of the time, the wall partition also act as a storage space, thus doubling its usefulness. This is the exact opposite of the multifunctional room concept i.e. rather than combining spaces, this ideas separates spaces.
wall partitions for small spaces

Using wall partitions to create different living spaces


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