Small living room and kitchen design combo ideas

Combination design is one of the most useful ways to maximize the space of a small house. It recognizes the facts that most spaces are only used in certain times, which creates a lot of idle time for that particular time. By combining 2 functions, such as a living room and a kitchen, the usage time of a space increases dramatically. This concept is particularly useful for small houses as it means that one common space can be used for multiple functions, thus making it unnecessary to have the necessary floor space to cater to all functions at once.

In this article, we will look at 7 different ideas on how to combine a small living room and kitchen together.


#1: Combing living room, dining table and kitchen together

small living room and kitchen combo ideas 1

This ideas uses the clever concept of a dining table to separate the small space into living room and kitchen. The dining table itself takes up very minimal space as it is built on the same space as a wall that has been knocked down.


#2: Living room and kitchen together along the same wall

small living room and kitchen combo ideas 2

If you take out the divider separating the kitchen and the living room, it is actually a single space along the same wall. Just by adding a small divider, it creates the living room and kitchen from the one room. This concept is simple but very doable.


#3: Combine a bedroom on top of kitchen and living room

small living room and kitchen combo ideas 3

This room design makes full use of its high ceiling as an advantage and create a loft bedroom on top of the kitchen. In this way, the remaining space can be used as a living room without thinking about where to place the bed. It is an innovative concept for a small house with high ceiling.


#4: Hidden kitchen with living room combo

small living room and kitchen combo ideas 4

small living room and kitchen combo ideas 4.1

Another way to combine living room and kitchen together is to hide one from view when not in use. This is the exact idea used in this combo where the kitchen can be hidden when not used for cooking.


#5: Use totally open concept

small living room and kitchen combo ideas 5

This idea throws away the concept for compartmentalized living and instead, uses an open concept to place the living room and kitchen very close to each other. How close? How about being able to sit up from your TV show, turn around and start cooking?


#6: Use a small living room and kitchen dividing wall

small living room and kitchen combo ideas 6

If you still like your living room and kitchen to be separated due to the amount of cooking, then using a very thin wall divider can be the way to go. The above shows how a small house has applied this idea to very good effect.


#7: Separate living room and kitchen with big dining table

small living room and kitchen combo ideas 7

This is similar to idea #1 but is applied slightly different. To make the room less clutter, simple chairs are used instead of a sofa. Instead, the concept does away with the coffee table as the diving table can be used for both dining and coffee.

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