Small japanese house design Part 1

Unlike the US, small houses in Japan is the norm, rather than the exception. Due to the limited spaces that are livable, it is not uncommon to see houses that are less than 500 sq ft. In fact, the market in Japan for these small house designs is so big that there are many interior design agencies that specialising in designing small houses. In this series, we will profile some great japanese small house designs that you will love!

The first house we are featuring is the Sumire Aoi House that is designed by Makoto Koizumi. Its strength lies in its simplicity. Yet, beneath the simple design lies thoughtfulness on how the house can serve the functions needed by a small family.

small japanese house design

sumire aoi house design

small japanese house design plans

sumire aoi house design plans

The most unique feature is the sliding doors that you can see in the picture above. Any of the four big windows can be closed or open to create different lighting and moods. Below is an example of how the doors can be used.

Makoto Koizumi house design

sumire aoi house unique design

At the heart of the design lies the concept of an open space. On the first floor, the living and dining area has been combined into one space, thus reducing the need for 2 separate places. The kitchen and toilet have been pushed right to the back so that there is ample space that allows one eyes to wander, thus creating a sense of openness. Finally, a simple partition separates the sleeping area from the rest of the room to create privacy.

The workspace occupies the second floor. A simple row of wooden desk form the table that allows the owner to work. By stacking the desk to the wall, it again frees up a lot of space to create a sense of openness.

Main takeovers:

  • You can create a uniqueness to your home with just the use of your doors
  • To create open space, simply use less furniture and stack everything to the wall

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