Small house with loft designs – 10 ideas

Lofts are a great way to curve out more space for a small house, especially when you have a high ceiling. In Singapore, small houses with lofts are hard to find due to the shorter ceiling height. However, in other places, you can get buy these houses and renovate them correctly to have a much bigger living area than what the floor space suggest. If you need inspirational ideas on the kind of designs for a small house with loft, here are 10 examples to get you started.

Small loft house design #1

This is simple and yet elegant loft house design. The compact loft stairways to the loft bedroom leads to a small compact bedroom that enjoys its own privacy. The stairs can even act as storage space for your small house.

Small loft house design #2

In this second example, the loft space is used beyond just a bedroom. With a bigger buildup, it is also to to create a second living room on the upper story and expand your living spaces drastically.

Small loft house design #3

This is a drastically different way of building a loft in your mini house. In this case, the house is really narrow but incredibly high. As such, the architecture uses a interesting idea of building a ‘mini’ tree house within the main home itself to extend the usable living space. It is not for everyone but it is definitely a special design you don’t see often.

You can check out more pictures of the small loft house here.

Small loft house design #4

small house with loft 1
Another simple way to create a loft space is to set one up above the kitchen. The benefit of this approach is to enlarge the visible space of your living room so that it doesn’t look as cramp when your guest are in there.

Small loft house design #5

A nice metallic finish for this small loft house design. Notice the use of the curved loft stairs that minimizes the use of any valuable floor space. The color scheme of silver and orange also brings out a unique look for the entire home.

Small loft house design #6

A more minimalist look with the use of white color and plenty of open, uncluttered space in the middle. I love the small dining + television area at the corner as well as the walk in wardrobe that provides plenty of storage space for the entire family.

Small loft house design #7

A simple yet practical design. A flat ladder takes you up to the loft with no fuss. The middle space is left empty, with only a kitchen island where most of the activities will be conducted. Great for a couple!

Small loft house design #8

The unique design for this house is using the ‘wall’ to block the loft bedroom from public eyes so as to have more privacy for the homeowner. These walls also double up as storage space, hence creating 2 values for one piece of furnishing. The rest of the house is kept uncluttered to make it look much bigger than it really is.

Small loft house design #9

This house changes the structure of the house to create this very unique loft design. There are separate ‘layers’ within the loft area, with each catering to a different use such as for work, sleep, play etc. It is an interesting design and worth more look here.

Small loft house design #10

Finally, we have a more open concept kind of loft design whereby everything is visible. The purpose of not using any kind of room separators is to make this 300 sq feet house look more spacious. I loved the loft stairs that can perform a dual function: bookshelf and stairs.


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