Small ecological house design

Ecological houses are becoming popular among people who cares about how their house design can help the environment to conserve resource usage. In this small house design article, we are looking at a house that is both beautiful and eco friendly. We will see how this can be accomplished if you are looking to have one such house yourself.

Eco friendly small house design

Small ecological house design

Designed by Reza Aliabadi, there are a number of interesting eco friendly concepts in this modern looking house. The entire house is only 1670 sqft but it looks surprising spacious. One of the neat design trick is to have no obstacles within the building. See the below picture to see how it is done. The only thing in the middle of the room is a kitchen island. Other than that, all other furniture are being laid near the wall.

Eco friendly small house interior

Creating a green house effect within the small house

The design wants to create a green house effect within the house to minimise the energy usage. The end result is that the main building has a 63° angle such that it is perfectly align with the south light. Couple with a high ceiling curtain, it makes the home easy to warm up and cool down.

Screen shot 2012-04-29 at PM 09.22.02

Main takeaways

  • Using minimal furniture with your house
  • High ceiling curtain makes the house more energy efficient

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