Small eco house designs

The spirit of eco house designs is to make sure they don’t clash with the environment and uses as much natural resources as possible. A good eco house also minimize energy usage by leveraging on natural sunlight and wind conditions. Presented here are some modern small eco house designs.

#1 Ultra small eco house design

small eco house design
small eco house designs
Created by Tandem Design Studio in Australia, it did a fantastic job in making this ultra small house (only 160 square meters). By leveraging on vertical space, the design makes a small house looks incredibly on the inside. What is really impressive is the house’s integration with its environment. By using solar panels, rainfall recycling system etc, it minimize damage to the beautiful natural surroundings.

#2: Italy’s Fincube eco house design

small eco house
small eco houses
Fincube is a very unique eco friendly house. The ‘cage’ design allows good ventilation and natural light into the home, thus minimizing the usage of energy resource. The use of wooden also blends the home perfectly into the natural surrounding to avoid spoiling its natural beauty.

#3: Small eco cabin design

small eco cabin designs
small eco cabin design
Created by Avanto Architects, it has a very warm external and a cool interior, thus matching the Nordic architecture. In terms of eco friendliness, the design uses solar panel to be able to live off the grid and ensure a minimal impact on the natural forest.

#4: Modular eco house design

modular eco houses
modular eco house
This small modular eco house design is called the House Arc by Bellomo Architects. With only 150 sq. ft in size, this modular home can be packed and installed in a single day, making it very portable. Using recycled steel and a solar power generator, the House Arc is able of being used in any emergency or as a backyard expansion kit.

#5: Small bamboo house design

small bamboo house design
small bamboo house designs
Called the Lamboo Studio Project, its most sexy component is the curved roof that is being designed to maximize the capture of solar power. Besides being able to capture solar energy, the roof is also able to keep the house warm during winter and cool during summer. Bamboo is a sustainable material as it can be easily grown.


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