Modern small houseboats designs Part 2

Continuing with our series on modern small houseboats, this article features the beautiful houseboat project called pavilion ahoy. Featuring a 323 sq ft boathouse designed by Drew Health of Arkiboat, it is a fine example of how a small space can be made to feel bigger by rethinking the traditional structure of a house.


Arkiboat small boathouse design

Arkiboat house plan


The Arkiboat main design philosophy was to open the interior to the surrounding landscape. This philosophy was clearly seen in the way the small hosueboat was designed. The design created many openings within the interior that allow a non obstructed view of the surrounding sea view.

The use of of the warm wood flooring and walls create a consistency flow throughout the small houseboat. It also adds to the harmonic balance between the house and the nature surroundings.


Arkiboat kitchen design


Starting with one end of the Arkiboat, we have the kitchen and living room all rolled into one space. All the kitchen appliance has been carefully layer on the wall to free up more space for the people. The sliding doors easily reveal the beautiful landscape that surrounds the entire houseboat. This not only fulfills the designer’s philosophy but also makes the space feels much larger than it really is.


Arkiboat bedroom design


At the other hand of the houseboat, we have the master bedroom. Similar to how the living room was designed, we have sliding doors here that opens to reveal the beautiful seascape and the illusion of a grander space.  Storage is also plentiful here by installing cabinets and shelves below the bed.


Arkiboat bathroom design


Between the living room and the master bedroom lies a second bedroom and the bathroom area. Frosted glass is used for the bathroom for privacy reasons. Part of the wooden walls have built in shelves for additional storage space.


Main takeaways:

  • Connecting the interior with the surrounding not only creates a harmonic balance but adds to the spacious of the home as well
  • Make full use of spaces such as under the bed and the walls to create additional storage capacity
  • Experiment with combining room functionalities to maximize the use of space

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