10 Modern pod house designs

One of the recent trends in the small house industry is called pod living. This refers to small houses that looks like space pods. I vaguely covered one such design in my post on nano house design article. Given the interest, I thought I will do a more thorough round up of the different pod house designs that are currently being used in real pod houses around the world. If you like to explore pod living, can I welcome you to take a look at the modern small pod house designs.

#1: Chanfer Pod Home from S-archetype

modern pod house design 1
Chanfer home exterior doesn’t look like a pod but within this small space, it is certainly pod living. Using only the bare minimum and avoiding cramping the room with too much stuff, it is a beautiful piece of pod home design.

modern pod house design 2
The main concept highlighted here is to leverage on lots of natural light and passive ventilation to make the whole home eco friendly. It also uses solar panels to be more energy efficient.

modern pod house design 3
Finally, the entire home can be extended as and when the need arises. This flexibility allows the home owners to have the option of creating more space when there are guests in the house.

#2: Solared powered pod house

solar powered pod house 1
The MercuryHouseOne is a concept house that is powered almost entirely by solar. Designed by Architecture and Vision, this is ideal as a mobile platform for companies to showcase their products on the road.

#3: Modern pod office design

modern pod office design
Besides being used as a home, pod design can also be applied to an office setting. In the image above, you can see how a pod office design can look like. Very cool and very modern.

#4: Pod house in the garden

pod home in the garden
A beautiful pod house design created by Manuel Villa. Functioning as guest home that can be situated in your backyard, it can also be used as a stand alone house for folks who want a small living space.

pod home in the garden 2
One side of the pod house is made of glass that runs from the ceiling to the floor, which makes the small house feels much bigger. Within the house, all the furnishing is built around the pod so that the corner spaces are maximized, leaving a significant floor space in the middle.

#5: G-Pod:

modern pod house 1
G-Pod is an prefab pod home distributed by Mars Lab in the US. It is designed for people ranging between 5 to 14, depending on the model. G Pods have 4 models that you can choose from.

#6: Space age pod house design

space age pod house design
Nau Architects has created a self sustaining pod home that is meant to be perked at the rooftops. It can be run completely on solar energy, thus helping to make more efficient use of energy.

space age pod house design 2
Internally, this space age pod house has two turbines at the end of each side to provide natural ventilation for the house. Rainwater can even be collected and purified to become drinking water. Within the pod there is enough space for a shower, a bed and even a working desk.

#7: Blob living pod

blob pod living design 1
A minimalist pod house design by dmvA Architect. It was initially designed to be an extension of the house but it can be a home by itself. The design allows the house to be opened from the front or side.

blob pod living design 2
Within the pod, there are plenty of storage and living space. At the far end is the shower. At the left side is a compartment for sleeping. It is a small space but one that is definitely livable.

#8: Pod tree house design

pod tree house design 1
pod tree house design 2
Designed by a agency specializing in tree houses, Baumraum has created a beautiful piece of pod tree house design. The interior has all the modern furnishing to make it comfortable as well as eco friendly. The large windows at the side, for example, allows plenty of natural light into the home and reduces the need for lighting during the day.

#9: Pod tent design

pod tent design 1
pod tent design 2
Shasta pod is the name of this pod like design for an outdoor tent. Built by Ray Cirino, they are meant to be temporary shelters for the outdoor. Featuring a full fledged living space within, it is like taking your home on your camping trip.

#10: Sheltered no 2 pod

shelter no 2
Broisson Architects, the maker of this pod house, has named it Shelter No 2. It is a prefab home that has everything you need to make a small house worth living. It is three story high which gives it plenty of height but the small width will make the house feel tight. This is where the design comes in and try to make the house more livable.

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