Modern 2 storey house design

A beautiful constructed small house by the agency Pb Elemental Architecture, who specialized in using prefab materials to design and build small houses. It features a smart use of limited landscape through the removal of walls and the purchase of clean line furniture.

This is the look for this small double storey house from the outside. The full glass panel amplifies the modern look of the house as well as creating a sense of a bigger space. The light gray material also gives the impression of a large space.

modern double storey small house

The next image shows the living room. You can see how the doorway leads directly to the staircase which in turn leads to the main living area. It is a clever use of space given the limitation on level one.

modern 2 storey small house

The living area is a combination of living room and kitchen. Such a concept is becoming more common and makes a lot of sense. Many times, we don’t use all the spaces all the time. For instance, yon only use the kitchen during meal times so for the rest of time, the space is actually lying there unused. This concept lets the same space perform different functions at different times, thus maximizing your use usage.

modern small living room

Here is another shot from a different angle. The full length glass really makes the spaces look more spacious than it really is. Another trick to make small room look bigger is the use of ceiling height furniture. The bookshelf shown here is an example of ceiling height bookshelf. These type of tall furniture has the effect of ‘lengthening” you room so that small rooms can really look much bigger.

modern small living room

If you are looking for small house designs, this should serve as a useful reference to consider.

Key ideas:

  • Combine the use of space to maximise their usage
  • Consider full ceiling windows
  • Use ceiling height furniture
  • Light colors

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