How to design a small bathroom space

A small bathroom space can be a challenge to design but with some creativity, you will be amazed what what a small bathroom can do. In this article, we will list the different ways of designing a small bathroom, complete with pictures and some pro tips to achieve a well balanced small space living.

Make full use of wall space in small bathroom

With a limited floor space, maximising the wall space is a must. The best way is to install some wall mounted storage cabinets and toiletries organizers. The image below shows a clever idea: using the wall space on top of the bathtub.
wall mounted storage for small bathroom
Protip: Make use of wall space above existing fittings such as the sink or bathtub to avoid overcluttering the space.

Get a small sink

You may not realise it but the sink takes a lot of floor space. One innovative way to avoid this problem is to buy a small sink and position it near your bathtub. The image below shows how to design this.
A small sink
Protip: Use a thin pedestal for the sink if you are unable to move it closer to the bathtub. Alternatively, you can built a under sink cabinet to replace the pedestal to create more storage space.

Use a full body mirror

A full length mirror creates the illusions of a bigger bathroom. Even with it is not full length, adding any sizeable mirror in a small bathroom instantly opens up the space.
Full length mirror for small bathroom
Protip: You can build wall mounted storage behind the mirror.

Relocating the position of the toilet

Sometimes, it might be worth the effort to relocate the toilet from the middle of the bathroom to the corner. This frees up the middle of the bathroom and makes it more bigger than it really is.
relocating the position of toilet
Protip: Use a light colored wall mosaic adds both spacious and design to your bathroom.


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