Furnishing small spaces Fold down furniture

Furnishing for small spaces is an important part of space utilization. Currently, there are many options that one can use to save space while providing additional functionality. In this series of article, we will cover down the different types of fold down furniture that is suitable for furnishing small spaces.

Fold down tables

Fold down tables can be used for dining or other office work. In the example below, the fold down table is mounted on a wall that is near the kitchen and the living room. This means the table can be used as both an office table and a dining table.

A fold down table is usually flat and can be laid evenly on the wall to minimize space utilization. Currently, you can order a customized fold down table or buy it readily on the market.

fold down table
fold down tables

Fold down bed

In the past, fold down beds are unreliable and is a cause of many accidents. Nowadays, fold down beds are both modern and functional. There are also many styles available including single, double and king size. Some of the desk to wall beds can even be used as both beds and office desks.
fold down beds
fold down bed

Fold down ironing board

Even the tradition ironing board is getting a fold down version that is modern and elegant. The example shown below is a fold down ironing board that is made of stainless steel and chrome.
fold down ironing board
These are examples of good fold down furniture. There are of course many others in the market and it is up to you to explore more.


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