Elegant sink designs for small houses

When you have a small bathroom, having a large sink is a luxury. Fortunately, there are many modern and cool sink designs that don’t take up much space. In this article, we will looking at 5 such designs that will help you to save more space in your bathroom.

Corner sinks

sink designs for small house
Corner sinks are the most space efficient sinks that you can find in the market today. This model, called Piccolo by Lacava, has a unusual circular design. Most corner sinks possess triangular shape but this curvy design makes the whole sink more sexy.

Flat sinks

flat sinks for small house
Another type of sinks that are great for tiny houses are flat sinks. By taking less depth, they create a less clutter look for your small kitchen or bathrooms.

(Apologies for the blurred image above as I could not find a sharper one)

Unique corner pedestals

Unique corner pedestals
Most corner pedestals have boring designs and they take up a lot of valuable space in the bathrooms. The design shown above has a curvy design that is not only sexy but has a practical function of piping the water to the drainage. Due to such a unique design, there are no pipes to fiddle around, leaving the bathroom tidy and elegant.

Pedestal sinks with thin legs

pedestal sinks with thin legs
Pedestal sinks are usually bulky. This twist in design gave the pedestal sink slim legs that doesn’t take up too much room in your small house. The clean curved lines suits a home that desires a modern look.

Small sinks with storage

small sinks with storage
Another way to make full use of the sink area is to create storage space underneath the sink. By turning an otherwise unused area into something that can be used to storage your bathroom items, the sink immediately much more useful.


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