Cool loft bed designs for small houses

Cool loft bed designs for small houses

Loft beds are the most the easy way to make use of limited space in a small house. Current smart loft bed designs allow one to use the lower storey as a separate space that can be converted into a working office, a sitting area or even a second bedroom. Below are cool loft bed ideas that can inspire you in your small house designs!

Loft beds as living room

cool loft beds designs
The wide angle pillars leave enough space for a small sofa to be fitted underneath the loft bed. Such a living room design is great for really small houses such as those below 200 sq ft.  The use of wood also gives a warm feeling to the entire house design.

Loft beds as dining area

loft bed designs for small house
This innovative loft bed design pitches the bed in a high area to leave more room at the bottom. The entire bed is wall mounted so that there are no pillars to obstruct the rest of the living room. This allows the home owner to place a small dining area beneath the loft bed.  Very thoughtful design and very practical for nano houses.

Loft beds as working space

stylish loft beds
A very modern and colorful loft bed design. The designer cleverly uses the empty space for storage as well as a small working space. Compact, stylish and functional. This is a great combo, especially for the single.

Minimalist loft beds

black and white loft beds
I found this design on Etsy marketplace. Apparently, it is hand made design that is priced at $1,500. I like the minimalist look of the loft beds with its clean lines and angular shape. There is plenty of room at the ground level to set up a mini reading area.


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