Compact house designs that make you go wow – Part 4

In this final article for the compact house designs series, we are looking at a house with a cute called merry go round. This innovative design is the work of Burea Ira Koers. Using merely 592 sq ft, it represents how a rethinking of structure layout can turn a small house into a funny home that feels to have so much space than it really does.

merry go round koers compact house design

Merry go round compact house design

The exterior of the merry go round house might look normal but a lot of thought has went into the design. First, the exterior color can be changed from green to white using an intelligent design. When the shutters (which are colored in white) are closed, only the panels are seen. The color of the exterior side of the panels are green. However, when the shutters are open, they covered the panels completely such that the exterior transform from green to white.

Second, the shutters also act as a divider between the outside world and the home. In times when the owners desire pirvacy, the entire house can be compltely closed up by closing the shutters.

merry go round koers house plan

Merry go round house plan

Within the interior of the house, the concept is like a Merry go round, hence its name. The only walking space is the circumference of the home so any part of the home can reached by simply walking in circles. This helps to compact the house and frees up more space to create more functions and private spaces.

Merry go round dining room design

Merry go round dining room design

Starting at the top right of the floor plan is the dining area. The two benches that are stacked against the wall allows for more space in the sitting area. Moving clockwise, the immediate area after the dining area is the small kitchen. Passing the kitchen area will bring you to the two bedroom areas.

Merry go round toilet design

Merry go round bathroom design

Between the 2 bedrooms is a narrow strip that leads to the bathroom. This is the only area that is enclosed given the nature of the activities being conducted here. This particular design shows the thoughtfulness of laying out the room.
Merry go round living room area

Merry go round living room design

Movng clockwise from the bedrooms will lead you to the pink living room. The U shaped sofa cleverly uilises the 3 walls and leaves no wasted space. The TV has been mounted on the wall to save space.

Main takeaways:

  • Innovation in layout design can free up lots of space
  • Mounting furniture against the wall can create the illusion of having more space
  • It is fine to mixed hot pink sofa and wooden dining table to create different moods if the spaces are well divided

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