9 cool small room lighting ideas

Lighting makes a lot of difference to a room, especially a small one. With small houses, it is even more important to get your room lighting correct so as to create illusions of a bigger space. Here are 10 small room lighting ideas that you can mixed and matched to create a lighting design that suits your own small apartments.

#1: Use lots of natural lighting

small room lighting ideas 3
Using natural lighting is the best for a small room. It not only makes the room feels bigger and being able to see through the outside also avoids the room feeling claustrophobia.

#2: Use roof windows for natural lighting

small room lighting ideas 1
If your small room doesn’t have too much windows, you can still have lots of natural lighting. A good way to do this without touching your wall space is to use a roof window. This works best if your room is near the roof of the house.

#3: Use hanging lights with artistic wiring

small room lighting ideas 2
Hanging lighting is another way to save valuable floor space by using the ceiling. You can go some minimalist hanging light designs that have some artistic flare, like what is shown in the image above. It will give your small room something nice to look at.

#4: Use ceiling fan with lighting for small rooms

small room lighting ideas 4
Combine your fan with lighting through a ceiling fan light. Such combinative furniture is best for small rooms to avoid cluttering the space. There are now many different models of ceiling fan with lighting in the market. Choose one with a minimalist design.

#5: Recessed lighting reduces clutter for small room

small room lighting ideas 5
When you have a small room, recessed lighting can help to reduce clutter as they are mostly attached to the ceiling. That can allow the room more space to ‘breath’ and to allow you to showcase other stuff in your room.

#6: Lighting under wall cabinets

small room lighting ideas 6
Since a small apartment room probably has wall cabinets for additional storage, you can install lighting under thee cabinets to make use of the same use. Again, using such an approach helps to prevent taking up any more valuable space.

#7: Wall mounted lighting is a space saver

small room lighting ideas 7
For extra coziness, you can install some wall mounted lighting as shown above. These kind of lighting are great for creating warm lights that help to make your whole room more cozy. They can also be used as a reading light since they can be shifted around with their flexible design.

#8: Use 1-2 cool lights as a center piece

small room lighting ideas 8
Lighting can also be used as a centerpiece for your room. Since they are mostly mounted on the ceiling, they can be used as a ‘show off’ piece without taking more of your floor space.

#9: A single strong lighting source

small room lighting ideas 9
If your room is really small, then one single lighting source might be all you need. In this case, get one that is bright and has a beautiful design to complement the rest of your modern small apartment.


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