6 Loft stairs for small space designs

Building a loft staircase for a small house is not easy. We have briefly mentioned about the concept of loft stairs in this article: building stairways for small houses. In today’s article, we want to show more examples of how other small houses have built their loft stairs to minimize the use of floor space. This will help to give you more ideas on what can be done. Surprising, there are quite a number of different ways a small house can build a loft stairs without taking too much room. The trick is to make use of previously utilized space so that the stairs doesn’t feel like cramping into the house.

#1: Storage under loft stairs

loft stairs for small spaces 1
This is a nice concept for small houses with a bit of ceiling height. You can build a loft bed that has the stairs running by the wall to over cluttering the middle of the room. Under the loft stairs, you can build some storage space so that it is not being wasted.

#2: Floating loft stairs

loft stairs for small spaces 2
Floating stairs take up minimal space and adds a touch of modern look to your small house. The only downside is that they can be difficult to walk on for older folks or very young children. If your family does not people in such age group, this is a perfectly good idea for any small house who wants to build a loft stairs. This beautiful design is created by Italian architecture firm Studioata.

#3: Metal loft stairs with storage

loft stairs for small spaces 3
This metal loft stairs is a great design that combines a ladder and a stairway into one. What is even more creative is the use of the steps as book shelves along the wall. It is clever, modern and very striking. Steal this idea!

#4: Foldable loft stairs for small house

loft stairs for small spaces 4
A 3 section loft stairs is very practice for a small home. It is easily foldable and can be kept away when you are using the stairs.

#5: Loft stairs as bookshelves

loft stairs for small spaces 5
Our #3 feature uses steps as bookshelves. Here is another way of how a loft stairs can be used for book storage. In this case, the end of the wooden steps form an enclosure where the books can be shown and displayed.

#6: Wall mounted loft ladder

loft stairs for small spaces 6
A simple wall mounted loft ladder can also get the job done in terms of enabling you to reach your loft bedroom. It is easy and cheap to build but saves a lot of floor space.


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