6 Floor to ceiling storage ideas

Floor to ceiling storage ideas can help to maximize the usage of your limited space. Without sufficient storage, most items end up on the floor, which further reduces your precious floor space. By taking advantage of unused area such as the ceiling, you can sketching the capacity of your home and making it more livable, even if it is a small house. Here are 6 of the best ideas I have found. Hope they are useful to you!

#1:Floor to ceiling bookcase

floor to ceiling storage ideas 1
The most easy to implement idea is to use one wall and make it entirely into a storage unit. That will give you plenty of storage options. If done correctly, the wall can even become a feature point of your small house.

#2: Hidden storage under stairs

floor to ceiling storage ideas 2
If you have a two story small house, then you can leverage on your stairs to create hidden storage under stairs. This is another floor to ceiling idea that can be easily implemented.

#3: A smaller floor to ceiling storage

floor to ceiling storage ideas 3
If you don’t want a full wall to be full of storage, you can use the small partitions around an opening area such as beside a window or door frame. In this case, you are using space that will probably be untouched anyway.

#4: Modern floor to ceiling storage cabinet

floor to ceiling storage ideas 4
A rather unique floor to ceiling storage idea comes this wonderful piece of furniture design by Danny Kuo. It is a storage cabinets that comes with its own stairs so that you don’t need any ladders. Functionally and beautifully designed.

#5: Floor to ceiling shoe storage

floor to ceiling storage ideas 5
One of the main challenges in storage is shoes, especially if there is a lady in the house. There never seems to enough shoe storage, which results in the shoes being cluttered on the precious floor space.

#6: Use a room divider as floor to ceiling storage

floor to ceiling storage ideas 6
For small houses that use room dividers, don’t use the floor space occupy by them. Instead, buy a room divider that has floor to ceiling storage to to increase the capacity of your house. This dual function furniture concept is one that every small house owner needs to practice to maxmize the usage of their space.


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