5 Ideas about How to Use Space Efficiently in Living Room?

If you have a living room that is small cramped, how can you effectively make use of the space available? As you know, living room should be the room of resting. The living room helps you to relax and enjoy your leisure time. No matter the size of the living room, whether small or big, there are ways to make use of the space efficiently and keep it cozy and homely. Making wise use of space is very important as it contributes to the ambience of the room. Let us now look at 5 ways you can use the spaces available to you well.

1. Consider Putting Bookshelf and TV Wall Together: 5 ideas about how to use space efficiently in living room1
One of the good ways you can use the living room well is by arranging your TV set with bookshelf on the same wall. Rather, than can creating another space for TV and bookshelf separately, both can be fixed to the same wall. The TV set could be put in the middle while books could be spread around it. If setting up a mini library is a must for you, this is a good idea you can use. The construction of the shelf should be in such a way that there is good gap between it and the floor.

2. Sofa, Storage, and Drawer in One Place: 5 ideas about how to use space efficiently in living room2
The sofa could be made in such a way that it accommodates storage underneath it. The top of the sofa will provide sitting for you and guests, but storage is under it and you can easily pull out and pull in the storage attached to the sofa. The drawer should be beside the sofa and could be made with sitting space on top. Bear in mind that sofa should not be many. One or two will be sufficient, especially if the living room is small.

3. Put Big Mirror in the Living Room: 5 ideas about how to use space efficiently in living room3
You can extend visional space with big mirror in the living room. While some people may put the mirror somewhere in the home, it is best placed in the living room. Attach it to the wall of the room. It gives you a good view at all times and at the same time, it enhances the attraction of the living room. With your sofa close by and other items on the wall, you can make better use of the living room space.

4. Consider Foldable Table: 5 ideas about how to use space efficiently in living room4
If you want to make efficient use of the space in the living room, why not get a foldable coffee table? This will mean you easily fold up the table and put it in one side of the living room when not needed. You will have enough moving space and your living room will not become unduly crowded. This is great for living room that is small or one that has so many things to accommodate.

5. Study Room and Living Room Together: 5 ideas about how to use space efficiently in living room5
Another good way to make use of living room space is by combining living room with study place. Your study can be located right in your living room, giving you opportunity to move to your study whenever you are not relaxing or receiving visitors. Normally, some people put their study in another room, but with the goal of making use of available space judiciously, it is wise to place the study in the living room.

If your living room is cramped and you are finding it difficult to move about freely, try the suggestions above and you will discover that you can use space efficiently in your living room.

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