1500 sqft small house design

If you think 1500 sqft is too small a space, take a look at how this small house design can make your space look spacious. It all boils down to a clever use of lighting, design and the types of furniture used.

1500 sqft small house design

This small house reside in a Central District of Seattle. The use of skylights plus the use of an open view staircase gives lots of room for natural light to penetrate into the small house. In the image below, notice the use of the glass walls and door ‘opens’ up the room. The window slides also made an interesting conversation topic for any visitors to your home.

1500sqft small living room

The high ceiling helps to increase the spacious of the room. In the instance below, the open riser stairways also avoids cluttering the room. Finally the use of light colors with orange accents makes a nice, warm and open feeling.

Screen shot 2012-04-15 at PM 04.48.19

If you have a small house, don’t feel that it has to be feel confined. There are always plenty of ideas to make small house look bigger. I hope the main ideas here can inspire you to think differently about the use of space and furniture.

Key ideas:

  • Use of glass walls and doors to allow more natural light
  • High ceilings help with increase the sense of spacious
  • Create stairways that don’t clutter the living rooms
  • Use light colors

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