10 modern small modular homes

Here are 10 beautiful small modular homes. Modular houses, in general are becoming more popular among folks who want a simple living lifestyle. The fact that these small modular homes can be moved around means that you can enjoy a different kind of living experience that is not tied to a particular space.

#1: Type Loftcube modular home

small modular homes 1
This small house design is perfect for those who want to live in non traditional areas such as rooftops or even in forested areas. It is easy to set up and takes up very small space. Imagine being able to live at the top of a building and enjoy the city sights.

small modular homes 1-2
Within the home inside, the furnishing have been placed at the side to leave a more open space in the middle. Everything has been designed to maximize the limited floor space by using the same space for different functions. For a related article, check out our article on how to divide one room into two rooms.

#2: B-Line Small

small modular homes 2
B-Line small is the name of this beautiful small modular house designed by Hive Studi0, an award winning designer agency. Compared to the rest, it is not exactly that small as it occupies around 990 square feet with 6 rooms. However, it is still smaller than the traditional American houses.

small modular homes 2-2
The long kitchen forms the ‘center’ of the home. The table performs multiple functions and reduces the need for other furniture in the room. The rest of the space has been separated into 6 rooms for more privacy.

#3: Eco Perch – A small modular tree home

small modular homes 3
Blue Forest, a design agency focusing on modern tree modular homes, created this gorgeous design called the Eco-Perch. It is made from eco friendly materials and can be stationed either on ground or on top of a tree.

small modular homes 3-2
Within this small space, it has designed to hold a double deck bed as well as a person king size bed. The design made full use of every inch of space to create a sense of big spaces within a small house.

#4: Taliesin Mod.Fab

small modular homes 4
The whole home is made from a trailer concept, which only has 600 square feet of floor space. Most of the exterior walls are made from panels, which can be assembled on site for cost reduction and efficiency.

small modular homes 4-2
small modular homes 4-3
The interior of this small modular home feels wonderfully spacious due to some smart use of space. There is even a patio area at the end for a nice evening gathering with friends.

#5: Port a Batch – Small modular container home

small modular homes 5
Designed by AtelierWorkshop, this small container home is suitable for a family of four. It is entirely portable and features steel exterior walls that can be folded up for privacy.

small modular homes 5-2
small modular homes 5-3

The interior is laid out in a vertical manner, with most furnishing being stacked to one side of the wall for maximum space efficiency. When not in used, most of the furniture such as the dining table, can be folded which reduces the floor space clutter. The beds have been placed at the end of the house and can be opened to enjoy the outdoors.

#6: MFINITY Micro Home

small modular homes 6
Mfinity’s modular home is truly a small house that just measures 8ft by 12ft. It is very cheap and is intentional so that it is affordable to most. These micro homes can be connected if you desire to expand your modular homes when needed.

small modular homes 6-1
The interior has been smartly designed to make full use of fold down furniture, such as the wall mounted bed. This allows for space to be free up when the bed is not in use.

#7: The Single Hauz – A hanging modular home

small modular homes 7
small modular homes 7-2
I think The Single Hauz wins the award for the most innovative design. Created to rely on only one pillar for support, this small modular home can be built on almost anywhere, including over sea and mountaintops. It measures 40 x 30 and contains 2 distinct spaces: one for the bathroom and the other to combine kitchen, living room and bedroom.

#8: Small shed modular home

small modular homes 8
small modular homes 8-2
Even shed homes are getting the modular treatment. This small shed home designed by Dwelle is a combination of classic design with modern interior. Although small, a lot of thought have went into the structure design to make sure that the entire space is living and eco friendly. Dwelle have also kept the cost of this house low so that it can be afforded by anyone. The bedroom is elevated to the near the rooftop to free the floor space for the kitchen and living room.

#9: Small modular cabin home

small modular homes 9
small modular homes 9-3
The most striking design about this small cabin home is that it is broken in the middle. Yes, look at the floor plan above and you will what I mean. The purpose of this split is unclear, except for making a powerful impression on your visitors. The bigger unit houses the living room, bedroom and kitchen while the smaller unit is the bathroom.

small modular homes 9-2
I love the use of uneven timber as the exterior of the house. Combined with a glass wall and you get a nice combination of traditional + modern.

#10: Rolling huts – small cabin homes

small modular homes 10
As the name implies, this pre fab modular home is raised on wheels. I am not sure if they can be actually rolled but these are actually designed to be portable hotels, where you can stay for $135 per night.

small modular homes 10-2
Inside the cabin homes, you can find everything you need. Everything has been designed to be compact and uses wall spaces to leave more room at the ground. For example, the use of the divider between bed and living room as a washing area is smart and practical.


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