10 Dual function furniture for small house

With a small house, it is important to maximize the use of space. Dual function furniture can become very handy as they perform two functions while occupying the same amount of space. Currently, there are lots of cool dual purpose furniture on the market. I have selected 10 of them to be profiled here. If you think there are more interesting ones, please leave a comment and I will update the list.

#1: Dual purpose table: table as painting

dual function dining table
One of the best way to get more space is to clear things off the ground. This dual purpose table does exactly that by functioning as a wall painting when not in use. It is clever and fits very well into any small homes.

#2: Dual function chairs that transform into a table

dual function chairs
dual function chairs 2
Sensei, the creator of this dual function chair, has created a very practical dual function chair that can be combined to form a table. This is a great design for small houses as you don’t need a fully formed table to be in your living spaces when not in use.

#3: Dual function bike stand

dual function bike stand
If you have a bike at home, then you probably need to bring it into the house at night. If that is the case, this dual function bike stand can be very useful. Since you are probably not going to use the table when you are sleeping, it can be transformed into a bike stand without using too much space.

#4: Dual function book shelf

dual function book shelf
I have give you 50 beautiful storage ideas for small house but I didn’t profile this great dual function bookshelf that can be used as a chair. It is a very practical piece of design. One that can be used in any small houses.

#5: Dual function kitchen cabinet

dual function kitchen cabinet
Now, this is a great design that makes use of limited use. Every home, no what how small, needs a kitchen cabinet. Transforming part of it into a dining with seats is just brilliant. Especially when you consider that the food cooked can be easily transferred to the dining table.

#6: Dual function laptop table

dual function laptop bag
How would you like a laptop table that can be used as a bag? Now you can with this creation from OpenAire. With this, you no longer need to have a separate table in your home just to hold the laptop. Great idea from 2 brothers in San Francisco.

#7: Dual purpose clothing rack

dual function clothing rack
dual function clothing rack 2
Designed by Simone Simonelli, this creation is called “The Maisonette”, which means small house in French. It functions as clothing rack as well as a rack or coffee table. Its truly is multifunctional and takes up very little space in the house.

#8: Dual function hanger

dual function hanger
dual function hanger 2
I liked this dual purpose furniture as it completely avoids using any floor space, which is great for a small house. It is hanger that can be pulled down to function as a work desk. Very practical and ideal for a small home.

#9: Multifunction sofa

dual purpose sofa
dual purpose sofa 2
dual purpose sofa 3
This Dual Cut Foam Block by Kitmen Keung is a very versatile piece of furniture. You can easily transform it to different kinds of sofa, depending on your mood and need. Best of all, it can be folded into a small piece of rectangle block that doesn’t take up much space when not in use.

#10: Dual purpose bed

dual purpose bed
Boxetti has created a range of multifunction furniture for small spaces. I particularly liked this dual function bed that can be folded and transformed into a minimalist cupboard.

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